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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bonus! Highlander Reborn

So by now you guys know I've got a short Nightkind story in the Shades of Pink Volume 2 anthology. But I think I'll throw in a copy of Highlander Reborn for anyone who donates to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Just either post in comments, or email me at highlandhussy AT gmail .com with a screen shot, or let me know somehow you donated and I'll email you a copy!

So, if you donate HERE you get Shades of Pink volume 2 which is 22 stories from some fantastic authors! You get my story, which is called The Broken Highlander, and it's a Nightkind prequel. But wait! There's more!

Then, let me know you donated, and BAM! Highlander Reborn is yours as well!

Thanks, guys and Happy October!

Here are some of the other authors' blogs you might want to check out:

Cynthia Sax

Amara Lebel


Zoe York

Vivien Dean

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shades of Pink Volume 2

 Last October I was invited to write a short story for the Shades of Pink charity anthology that author Kallysten puts together every year. We raised over $10,000 for the Breast Cancer Research Fund. We even got a sweet trophy!

This year, Kallysten has done it again! With the Shades Of Pink volume 2 anthology, you get 22 stories, mine included! I wrote the Broken Highlander, which is a prequel for my Nightkind series, and it gives you a glimpse as to what Nevin did after Amalia turned him into a vampire.

All you have to do is click on this link or the cover image. Donate any amount you want to, and once you’ve donated, you download the ebook! Easy peasy!

This October, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 22 authors have allied for 1 cause: fundraising for research through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Their gift to everyone who makes a donation? A romance anthology (ebook) titled Shades of Pink (volume 2). Last year, the first Shades of Pink event raised over $10.000 through more than 1300 donations!
This anthology contains 22 short stories, including…
• 4 paranormal, 1 sci-fi, 11 contemporary, 1 historical, 2 military, 3 BDSM, 2 YA (some stories have more than one genre)
• 3 spicy (ménage or kink), 7 sexy (explicit sex scenes), 12 sweet (no sex)
• A couple of vampires, about three dozen humans including soldiers, geeks, teachers, librarians, writers, survivors, bosses, rock stars, teens, mages, wives, husbands and fiancés, 1 succubus, 1 genie, a Highlander, a few aliens, some werewolves and other shifters.
• Pink, pink and more pink, including tattoos, plenty of flowers, precious stones, jewelry, a bookmark, a drawing, ropes, lingerie, a car, a bag, a vase, various clothes, an anteater and a squirrel.
click me
Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Cover!

I just discovered that Highland Games got a makeover! Check this cover out!

I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

What do you think?

Malcolm “Colm” MacRobert is ordered by his chief to travel through time and return with a woman. Not just any woman, the daughter of Laird and Lady Grant. There’s one problem, though. Everyone knows the Grants never had a daughter. Who is he bringing back? And why is she so important that his laird using the village witch to send Colm over 200 years into the future?

When Piper Grant agreed to take her friend’s place on a trip to Scotland, she didn’t know it was a singles tour. Desperately trying to avoid her fellow tourists, she wanders around the Highland Games being held at Blair Castle, however she can’t shake the feeling that someone’s watching her.

After one glance, Colm knows Piper is meant for him. The hard part is convincing her that he’s not crazy, and that he really needs her. Colm takes Piper with him back to 1793 Scotland hoping that she’ll eventually forgive him. With a witch aligning their fates as if pieces on a chessboard, Colm and Piper have more than their own relationship to worry about.

Can Colm win Piper’s heart, save his clan, and come out unscathed?
Thursday, July 3, 2014

Check it out!

Hi everyone! There's an in-depth interview with yours truly over at Authors Interviews here 

and a fun post over at SOS Aloha about Remembering Bannockburn here

Really quickly, if you remember, I had a story in the Shades of Pink anthology last year (Highland Eclipse, now available separately). I'm trying to finish up The Broken Highlander to go into this year's edition of the anthology, and was curious if you guys were anthology fans, or if you prefer to be able to buy the short stories and novellas separately?

Happy 4th of July, guys, be safe and have fun!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

My Writing What?

I was tagged by Seleste Delaney/JulieParticka in this tour about the writing process.

1. What am I working on?

Currently I'm working on several projects. I'm still working on Liam's story Highland Betrayal, which I kept getting stuck, so I finally had to chuck a good 15K words, but I'm back on track.

I'm working on a prequel to my Nightkind short story, and this one is called The Broken Highlander. It's about the time Nevin spent right after he was turned.

But I'm primarily writing something new. Contemporary Romance author Heather Lire and I are writing a Scottish Romance complete with meddling gods and sexy Highlanders. Be prepared for a debut from Kenzie MacLir this Fall.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My books are different in that the heroine knows she's traveled through time, yet she still has to come to grips with that. Even knowing ahead of time what she's in for, it doesn't prepare her fully, and it can be jarring to find herself without the comforts of her century.

I also don't let my hero just bail on his duties in real life. So often you see a romance that really just focuses on the hero and heroine and their romance. In Romanclandia, it must be awesome to not have to worry about a job, or money, or anything other than sexy times. But I try to keep my hero and heroine not just focused on each other, but on the action surrounding them as well.

3. Why do I write what I do?

I write Scottish Highlanders because that's what I see when I close my eyes. I can't help myself. These are the heroes and stories begging to be told. I love the Highlanders. It's hard to imagine these big, tough warriors being the underdogs, but they were! Outmanned and outgunned by the English, this makes their triumphs all that more impressive. The fact that they could wield such deadly strength in battle, but temper that strength for their women, makes me all melty inside. These are the heroes I want to write. Strong, but protective, not smothering. Possessive, but not obsessive. I love when he goes all caveman, but I don't want him so territorial we worry he might pee on her leg.The balance is delicate, and it's not easy. The challenge is fun! And besides, who doesn't love a sexy man in a kilt?

4. How does my writing process go?

My writing process starts when I get home from dropping the kids off at school, and I grab that first cup of coffee. While the caffeine kick starts my brain, I usually goof off on twitter for a few minutes before bringing up my current work in progress (WIP). Providing the baby lets me, I usually read over what I've written most recently and I jump back in. Sometimes I might start at the beginning of the previous chapter to read how smooth the lead-in is. Sarah MacLean told me she starts with the black moment and works her way out. I'm trying that for the first time now, but since I'm a pantser, it's actually really hard to do!

I'm a slow writer, since I self-edit as I go, and since my writing partner Heather, in her words, "...just vomit(s) the words onto the page, then edit(s) later," it's been really interesting to work with someone whose style is so different from my own. And yet it's been really fun and refreshing.

So, yeah. There you go, 4 things about my writing! Go check out some of the other authors who've been tagged, and see how we all differ, and where we overlap. Thanks for stopping by!
Monday, March 24, 2014

For Jackie Barbosa

Author Jackie Barbosa's 17 year old son was killed last week in a head-on collision on his way to school. Understandably, she is completely beside herself.

Follow her twitter for updates

I've known Jackie online for a couple years now, and as I grieve with her and for her, there is something we can do. She is establishing a memorial fund for her son.

All the information and donate button for the Julian Fraire Memorial Fund can be found here

Another thing that can help is to buy her books. From Jill Sorenson's blog:

"Jackie is an excellent writer of smart, sexy books. I reviewed her debut novel, BEHIND THE RED DOOR at Romance Divas. If you like contemporary romance, you might want to try SKIN IN THE GAME, with a football coach heroine. Or her recent novella, CAN’T TAKE THE HEAT. I wish her peace and comfort in this difficult time."

Heat_final-682x1024-199x300 BehindTRedDoor1-202x300

I want to say I've read Behind the Red Door, and I liked it.
So if you get the  chance, pick up one of her books, donate to her son's memorial fund, or just offer her your condolences on twitter. I've gone through something similar and I want to say that every sincere comment can make a difference.