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Friday, December 14, 2018

Why I Don't Write Firefighter Romance

I often get asked why I don't write Firefighter Romances, since I'm married to one after all. I had a hard time articulating why I can't. I recently tried to read one and I was so mad because it didn't feel realistic to me at all. There were no fart jokes, no crude humor, none of the things that remind me of the station. That's when I realized I can't write firemen because I would add in all those things and none of that is romantic. :)

So here in story form, is why I don't write Firefighter Romance:

Cap’s family walked in right as the food fight began. His wife was used to the guys’ shenanigans,
so she stepped out to the hall just as a pancake whizzed by her face. Her 5 year old son picked
it up and frisbeed it right back. His 7 year old daughter saw him heading towards them,

Captain Scott Johnson swung his princess up to his shoulders and asked if she wanted to
surprise the crew?


He pulled out some pop its and let her throw them on the ground. The firecrackers popped and
echoed throughout the kitchen. Every guy ducked and covered as their captain laughed.

A pancake that was harder than cement smacked him in the mouth, stopping the laughter.

He caught it before it hit the ground, and took a bite, “Good Lord, who made these! I think I
cracked a tooth!”

At that, his son came shrieking out of the kitchen, “Daddy! Someone farted and it stinks really

“Was it you?”

His son smiled. “Maybe.”

His wife walked back in, “Is it safe?”

He kissed her cheek, “Cease fire!”

“Hey Jenn, did you bring those lemon squares?”

“Hi Jay, yep! Here ya go!”

“You’re the best!” He snatched the lemon squares and ran off.

“Share!” Jenn called after the thirty-five year old man who stole all the treats.

“Don’t worry, the guys won’t let him eat them all. They love your lemon squares.”

“Has it been busy today?”

“Not too bad, just a few calls.”

An alarm blared through the station, interrupting them. “Fire emergency. Structure fire at 123 Pine
St. Batallion…”
He spoke over the tones. “Sorry babe, gotta go!”

She sighed and watched the crew run out the door to the trucks. Her kids wandered back in and
sat in the kitchen. Jay was cleaning up and April walked in.

“You two weren’t called out?” Jenn asked them.

“Nah, not yet. Our rig isn’t needed. We're on Rescue.” Jay pulled out the lemon squares he’d stolen.
“April, wanna share before they all get back?”

“Save me one. I don’t ever want to look at sugar again.”

“Did you guys have another donut eating contest or something?” Jenn was thinking of the last time
they’d done that. It hadn’t ended well for anyone.

“Ugh no. Never again. I still can’t believe I ate 7 donuts. My blood sugar was through the roof!”

Jay was waving a lemon bar underneath April’s nose. “You mean you don’t want one of these? I
mean, look at all that lemony goodness. How can you resist.” It was gone before Jenn could blink.

“Holy shit you bit my finger!” Jay

“Boo beserved bit,” April said around her lemon bar.

“Jenn, help me out here,” Jay begged.

“Well, you kind of did deserve it.”

They all looked up as they heard the garage doors opening.
“That was fast.”

Jenn’s husband walked in. “It was a stupid trash can fire. They didn’t even need us. A neighbor
used his extinguisher before we got there.” It was just like her husband to be bummed out that there wasn’t a fire.

“Hey kids, want to play soccer in the barn?” The barn was what they called the garage. It was huge,
with thirty foot ceilings. It had to be to house the engines.

“I’ve got ‘em, Cap. Hang out with your wife.” Jay loved soccer.

“Yeah,” April chimed in. “We’ll keep them busy! Go smooch your woman.”
Jen laughed as the two left making kissy noises.

“Fun crew you’ve got.”
“They’re amazing.” Scott slipped his arms around Jen. “They know when to give us privacy.” He
gently kissed her.

“Mmhmm,” Jen leaned against her husband expecting another kiss when the sploosh of a water
balloon hitting them interrupted them.”

“Oh you’re dead, Jay,” Scott chased him down the hall.

Jen laughed and opened up her purse. She’d tucked away a couple of Nerf guns knowing
something like this would happen. Hiding them behind her back, she walked to the hall and called Jay’s
name. When he looked up, she tagged him in the chest.

“Oh it’s on!” Jay ran around to his locker, but before he could open it, Jen hit him in the back a
couple of times before handing her husband the other Nerf gun.

"That's cold, Jen; hitting a man when his back is turned." Jay had a smile on his face, so she knew she was forgiven. After, the man loved her lemon bars.

“I love you so much right now,” he smiled as he took off running after Jay.

It wasn’t the most romantic setting, but Jen didn’t care. This was her life, and she loved every
minute of it.

                                            *The End*
Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Rise of the Hunky Highlander

Hi guys!

I'm so excited, I've been interviewed twice this summer! Once for Addicted to Books by blogger Marie, and you can find that here. She really loves Romance novels, and especially Scottish ones, so if you're interested, you might want to follow her blog.

Now, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you may already have seen, but the Scotland Correspondent interviewed me a couple months ago, and the August edition is live! The cool thing about this is that the entire e-magazine is free! It has beautiful pictures of Scotland, and well-written articles. I highly recommend signing up for the magazine. You can go here to see the article, I believe it's around page 76. It's titled "The Rise of the Hunky Highlander" and I really enjoyed speaking with journalist Paul Kelbie (and I really enjoyed listening to him speak).

Let me know what you think in the comments!
Monday, April 9, 2018

The Scotland Correspondent

I wanted to share some amazing news! The Scotland Correspondent has asked to do an interview with me! If you don't know what it is, here's a link to their free online magazine. The pictures are so beautiful. I honestly wasn't sure that they knew who I was, but they seemed as excited as I am to chat! Fingers crossed I'm not super awkward on the phone tomorrow!

Here's a link to sign up. Seriously, it's worth it. So beautiful. 

I'll also post links when the interview comes out, I might even send out a newsletter, so if you aren't subscribed yet, you should!

I also wanted to post pictures from the Local Author Showcase a couple weeks ago.

I sold out of my books! This is the craziest and most amazing feeling!

My table turned out great!

Here's a close up of the name plate they made, isn't it awesome?!

My friend and fellow author Katie Salidas and I got seated next to each other, we're in the bottom left.

And this is pretty cool- My first book signing and my most recent.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Upcoming Book Signing

Coming up on March 17, 2018 I'll be signing some of my last paperback copies of Highland Destiny at the Local Author Showcase. If you're in town, you should swing by! 

Robin Carr (OMG Robin Carr!!! She's seriously so nice!) and Katie Salidas (her Urban Fantasy is to die for) will be there along with a whole lot more! Come say hi, chat books with us, meet new authos, it'll be so fun! Besides, it's St. Paddy's Day, and I'll have chocolate!

I had some postcards made up by the amazing Virtual Assistant Nicole  and I just have to share...
                                                         the front...

                                                      and the back...

Oh my gosh, you guys! I can't wait for them to come in the mail! 
Postcards and bookmarks are my favorite swag items, but I'd like to hear from you. What are your favorite items? 

Keep your eyes here, or sign up for my newsletter, because I have some big news coming...