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Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Real Life Romance Trope

Guess who's Real Life Romance Trope made it into RT Magazine?! Oh yeah! I've just copy/pasted it into this post since I don't think you can read it from the picture. But it's so cool! So many wonderful readers have been tweeting me that they saw it :) Thanks guys!

"Way back in the year 2000, I was driving down the Strip with my friend and her guy. I was in the back seat of her Jeep Wrangler, and this red sports car kept following us. After a while, we both got caught at a red light, and this super cute guy shouts "Hey! Is that your boyfriend?" at me.

I look around and shout back, "If he were my boyfriend, he'd be sitting right here!" and I patted the seat next to me. He took that as an invitation to sit right next to me.

This guy gets out of his car, runs to the Jeep, and jumps in next to me!

I'm pressed against this seat, avoiding him. I say, "Hi, uh, do this often?"

"Nope, first time." and he introduces himself.He and his friend have very similar names, so for like a week, I called him the wrong name (oops!).

I told him I was 20, so he said we was 20, too.

After a while, I realize he isn't some crazy yahoo who's randomly climbing in people's cars, and we relax and drive up and down the Strip.

He tells me he's a firefighter, and that he's in the Air Force, and we talk til 4am. At this point, we separate to get our cars, and I think he's following me home. I called him on it the next day, and it turns out we live near each other.

So we sort of start to date, and he and I get more serious. a couple months go by, and he finally tells me that he has to get something off his chest. I'm freaking out thinking he's married, or he is a felon, or any crazy scheme.

He tells me he's only 18 (by now I had turned 21), and that the night we met he actually was still in high school!

After I finished freaking out, he also told me that he was shipping out for Basic Training for the Air Force to become a firefighter. I think I freaked out a bit more, and he asked me to wait for him. (to be honest, I think I told him no). But I did.

And he also told me that the night we met, he'd been looking to get laid. Ha ha, joke's on him. He only got a goodnight kiss...And apparently a C in Government because he had a test the next day, but he'd been out til 4am with me.

And now, it's been almost 11 years, and 2 kids with a third on the way.I still laugh to think I called him the wrong name, and that he completely lied to me about his age, his job, and everything. But, if he hadn't been so bold, we would never have met. And for a man who says he doesn't believe in love at first sight, he tells me often that the second he saw me, he knew I was for him."