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Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Accidental Branding of a Highland Hussy

I've been invited to join the Romance Gems blog. I will have one post a month, and I wanted you to be able to share in the fun! There will be giveaways and chances to discover new authors every day. I don't want you guys to miss out on any fun or exciting things I've done, so I'll make sure to keep you guys up to speed with everything I'm doing. I've written 6 posts so far, and my favorite has to be this one:

The Accidental Branding of a Highland Hussy

Once upon a time, there was a baby author who loved Highlander Romances so much, that she read any book with a man in a kilt on them. At one point, she created a Twitter account specifically to join in Man Candy Monday. This was a night where all of Romancelandia would join in to post stock photos of hunky men. For Laura, it was reserved for men in kilts only, and she was known for finding the best of the kilted men. She teased on twitter that she was a hussy for those Highlanders. What she didn't know, is that she would become so well known by that name, that she would be forever branded the Highland Hussy.

When someone says that they're "on brand," it usually means that whatever it is they are doing is exactly what one would expect from them. They are conforming to the image that is associated with that brand. And my brand is, you guessed it! Highlanders! I write Scottish Romance...with a twist!

Check out this post for more about my books

Hi I'm Laura Hunsaker, the Highland Hussy, and I write Scottish Time Travel Romance. Except when I don't.

I had an idea that just wouldn't leave, and after a major case of writer's block, I decided to take someone's advice and just play around. The goal was to not stress about my work in progress, but rather just write something, anything, new. In the Romantic Suspense I've written called Dark Past, there's nary a Scot to be found! As an author, I really wondered long and hard about what to do about that, since I typically write in such a different genre. As a reader, I thought about several well-known authors who write in several genres, and it's neither confusing nor annoying. So this Highland Hussy has written a Romantic Suspense without any Highlanders LOL.

You can buy Dark Past at all major ebook retailers.

Amazon  |   Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo   Google Play Books  |  Smashwords

I can't wait for everyone to meet Kate and Kyle, and let's hope readers won't mind reading an FBI hero and barista heroine written by a Highland Hussy.

Some secrets won't stay quiet...

The small town was supposed to be safe... 

Kate Landry is tired of running. Thinking she's safe, she settles in the small logging town of Chester, California to manage a cafe. She may be keeping a low profile, but she's hoping to return to a normal life. 
When FBI agent Kyle Donovan visits to Chester to stay with a friend, and to recover from his latest case, he never expects to meet sexy barista Kate. 

But someone is following Kate... 

Kyle worries he brought trouble to her door, while Kate worries her dark past is coming after her.

With danger lurking around every corner, her safe haven isn't as safe as she'd thought. Kate will finally have to trust someone enough to tell him her secrets. Secrets that may just get them killed...

Monday, July 1, 2019

Blog Highlight: Addicted to Books

Every now and then, I feature a book blog here. Today I'll highlight Addicted to Books.

Marie lives in Sweden, collects rubber ducks, and loves reading! Addicted to Books is an eclectic mixture of books she loves, places she visits, and dreams of Scotland.

I'll add a couple of links to a post where she interviewed me.

And a nice review of Dark Past. 

Thanks Marie and Addicted to Books, for all you do. Authors would be lost without Book Bloggers! And on that note, if you want to nominate a blog to be featured here, mention in the comments, or shoot me an email!