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Friday, October 19, 2012

An Update and a Q & A

Hi guys! Really quickly I wanted to let you know that I'm over at author Allison Cosgrove's Stan Brookshire blog for a Q&A. I talk a little bit about why I self-published Highlander Reborn and why I stayed with my current publisher New Concepts Publishing for Highland Games.

Coming up I'll be guesting on a few other authors' blogs. Lindsay Buroker, Britt Bury, are coming up next, and I'll keep this updated for my next blog spots.

I'll end with a fabulous review of Highlander Reborn (this was posted on Bitten by Paranormal Romance)

"Totally Loved it! It was great because it was a short read but the story was good, it's not something you can put down easily. Even tho Nevin left his maker the night he was made, and hates what he is, he still helps Amalia when she finds him all of those centuries later.  The initial tension between Nevin and Amalia is what makes that first sex scene so awesome, and the connection so great. I would definitely recommend this book and any others of Laura Hunsaker."


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