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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bonus! Highlander Reborn

So by now you guys know I've got a short Nightkind story in the Shades of Pink Volume 2 anthology. But I think I'll throw in a copy of Highlander Reborn for anyone who donates to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Just either post in comments, or email me at highlandhussy AT gmail .com with a screen shot, or let me know somehow you donated and I'll email you a copy!

So, if you donate HERE you get Shades of Pink volume 2 which is 22 stories from some fantastic authors! You get my story, which is called The Broken Highlander, and it's a Nightkind prequel. But wait! There's more!

Then, let me know you donated, and BAM! Highlander Reborn is yours as well!

Thanks, guys and Happy October!

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