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Friday, February 10, 2012

Help Egyptian Author Olivia Gates

Help Egyptian author Olivia Gates

This is from my friend Alexis Morgan's blog, and I think that with all the trouble in Egypt, that I am more than happy to repost this.

Olivia Gates is an author who lives in Egypt. As you know, the internet and e-mail has been shut down there this week. Olivia’s latest book, To Tempt a Sheikh, is a Feb. 1st release, but she has no access at the moment to do any promotion for her book.

Here’s the link to her website if you get a chance to check it out. It has a excerpt for the book, the cover, etc. :

Quick Update: As of 2/6 Olivia Gates posted this on Twitter:

"Tweeting from work. All my colleagues showed up today! One even told me he went to the movies yesterday!"

I hope that means Egypt is settling down. " Reassuring everyone that Egypt's streets are safe and life is returning to normal gradually. Thanks everyone for your worry and well wishes."

thanks to the commenters and tweeters :)



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