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Friday, February 10, 2012

Latest Review and Real Life

I thought I'd really quickly fill everyone in on what's been going on lately. I don't normally chat life here, but today I think I will, since real life has been kicking my butt lately.

I've had a really rough and stressful week. I dropped (and shattered) a glass coffee pot on Sunday night and spent a while at the ER finding out I had severed a muscle (and that it was too torn apart to stitch), and cut an artery on my foot. So I got a few stitches on a gash on the top of my foot, not counting all the little cuts and bruises and slices on the rest of my foot. Anyways, not going for the sympathy vote, but my week just became a lot tougher from that point on.

But today, 2 wonderful things happened that just brightened up my week- First, Bonnie Edwards, author extraordinaire of books The Hard Stuff, Men Times Three, Stroke of Midnight, Possessing Morgan and many others, came into town, and we got to have milk shakes today! It was a blast! She is so much fun in real life and we chatted until she absolutely had to leave.

Second amazing thing was this lovely little review from Holly over at Her review of Highland Destiny just added the cherry to my day with this lovely line:

"...when the time traveling started though I knew it was going to happen I didn't know it would be so fast or smooth, which is something that I really loved."

I will keep you updated as I still plan on being over at on May6

And on May 11 for Highlander Week!!!


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